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Understaffed... Underfunded... and Overworked... Bradley Braves Racing
The team has been keeping busy over the past few months. One highlight includes meeting with Jay Leno during Bradley's Homecoming week. This introduction led to the opportunity to take a J-term class/fieldtrip to Jay Leno's garage in January. The team also attended the Transportation Symposium held in the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois. Many important political figures in the area attended this and were given the opportunity to ask any questions. We met with one of our biggest sponsors, JH Benedict, to meet the management staff who has helped us in the past and will be helping us once again this year. Our old primary and secondary clutches have been sent to Aaen Performance who is generously donating it's time to go through and upgrade, along with repair, our current setup. Beyond this, the powertrain team has been working hard designing drivetrain parts (intake manifold and restrictor, exhaust setup, and rear assembly including the differential and axles) that meet their needs along with the frame and suspension team's designs. The frame team has completed a mock up frame and has moved into the fabrication of the final frame.

The Formula SAE program at Bradley University allows students to work on a project that is in their area of interest, while incorporating material learned in previous classes and applying their acquired knowledge in an industry like environment with deadlines, budgets and ethics. The project client and advisor is Dr. Martin Morris.

Bradley's SAE chapter allocates members interested in the FSAE project to aid and get involved with the project. This serves the purpose of further preparing the underclassmen for a engineering career environment, in addition to allowing them to apply material being covered in their classes, and fueling their interest in the engineering curriculum.

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