Bradley University

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project

2010 Formula SAE Vehicle

formula sae 2009-2010 Program

The Bradley University Formula SAE program gives students an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge in the rigors of modern engineering design under time, budget, and other resource constraints. Our advisor and client is Dr. Martin Morris

The Bradley chapter of SAE also assists in the car to get underclassmen involved with motorsports and the Formula SAE program, preparing them for their careers and pursuing their interests in motorsports and engineering.

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Overall Updates:

3-22-10 The frame and body are almost completed. The control arms are done and are waiting to mount on the frame. And this week the motor will be started and the suspension and engine parts are being completed

9-10-09 The team is discussing deliverables to the client in preparation for the formal proposal to the project. The schedule is making progress and our plan of attack is forming.



For questions about the Bradley Formula Program, or are interested in sponsoring our program, please contact Brian Williams, webmaster